Dynamic Map for Webflow – by No Code Flow

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πŸ‘‹ – Say Hi to the new and updated Dynamic Map for Webflow CMS

Introducing our advanced, filterable Map Component tailored for the Webflow CMS. Easily integrate, style, and deploy a Dynamic Map within Webflow. Built for you to create:

-> Real Estate Websites
-> Store Locator
-> Tourism Applications
-> Event Locations
and everything else that contains a Dynamic Map

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✱ What You Get:

Customizable Map Look: Define your mapping environment. Choose between Open Street Map or Google Maps (and with many more to come)

Location List Interactions: Interactive List overview of the map elements like you're used to

Dynamic Map Filter: Enable filter options for multiple categories of your application

Dynamic Sorting: Sort the list after name, price and even closest distance

Price Slider: Filter for elements in a certain price range

Tooltip and Pop-Up: Tooltip and Pop-Up on hover and on click

100%-Webflow-Styleable: and more – all ready for your design touch

✱ Getting Started in 3 Steps :

  1. Customize: Select desired features for your Dynamic Map using our NCF Editor.
  2. Implement: Integrate the Dynamic Map components into your Webflow project.
  3. Style: Adapt the Dynamic Map within the Webflow Designer to your aesthetic.

✱ Why Dynamic Map 2.0?

  • No Custom Code Required: With No Code Flow, we prioritize ease of use.
  • Webflow CMS First: Components built specifically for Webflow CMS.
  • Free Support: We offer supportive Loom videos and direct e-mail support for assistance
  • Ongoing Updates: Ensuring the tool remains updated and optimal for Webflow CMS

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Make your implemented Dynamic Map for Webflow work on a live domain, get lifelong updates and a permanent maintenance all included.

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Dynamic Map for Webflow – by No Code Flow

6 ratings